Weights and Measures
Weights and Measures

How are the Weights and Measures controlled?

  • It is the National Conference on Weights and Measures, Inc. (NCWM) that creates the standards and processes to fairly meet the needs of consumers, businesses, regulators and manufacturers.
  • The (NCWM) is a professional organization of state and local weights and measures officials. Its members include representatives of industry, government, and consumers. The Conference's mission is to promote the development of uniform, effective state and local weights and measures laws that help maintain a fair marketplace and protect both consumers and businesses. Your state and local officials are responsible for enforcing the weights and measures laws. They use highly accurate equipment to make sure that weighing and measuring devices, such as gasoline pumps and scales, are in fact giving proper measurement. They work to ensure that every commercial transaction involving weight or measure is fair and accurate. Throughout the millions of transactions that take place every day, your weights and measures officials help guarantee that you get what you pay for.
  • For more information about this organization visit their web site at: http://www.ncwm.net

Common Questions

How often do inspectors check scanners, test scales, and check gas pumps? 

Every measuring device is checked, tested, and sealed for accuracy once a year.  These devices are also spot checked throughout the year.

How is a consumer complaint handled?

A state certified inspector is dispatched within 24 hours to start the investigation process.

Most Common Complaints

  • Inaccurate meter reading at the gas pump
  • Incorrect labeling or pricing of products at the grocery store
  • Inability to have a clear view of the scanner or register screen
  • Department store advertised specials not being honored at the checkout counter

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Commercial Device Weights

Due to changes in the operation of the State of Ohio Weights and Measures programs, many of the above devices have not been tested to prove that they are both accurate and correct. These devices are extremely important to businesses, as they are used to determine weight, measure, or count for the purpose of placing a value on their commodities.

Many of our businesses in the county have a contract or agreement with a service company to inspect and maintain their devices at regular intervals to ensure that they are in proper working condition. Weights and Measures commend them for doing this, and strongly encourage them to continue this practice. If your business does not currently have a contract with a service company, I am asking you to consider doing so. Please see details on the above link.

If you have questions regarding the information on this page please call the Auditor's Office at: 330.287.5430