Scrap Yard License
Scrap Yard License


Before a license is granted or renewed in the County under section 4737.05 to 4737.12 of the Revised Code, the Sheriff of each county shall inspect the scrap yard within his respective jurisdiction to determine if it complies with the Ohio Revised Code. (Within a municipality this would be by the Chief of Police).

The Sheriff shall submit a written report of such examination to the County Auditor of the county where such scrap yard is located.

The Sheriff for the purpose of these examinations shall have free access to the grounds and buildings used for or proposed to use in the conduct of the scrap yard activity by the applicant or the licensee.

Initial Scrap Yard License:

Annual Scrap Yard License Renewal:

Ohio Revised Code Links:

  • 4737.05 Licensing of junk yard definitions.
  • 4737.06 Prohibiting operation of junk yard without license.
  • 4737.07 Issuance of license.
  • 4737.08 Application information.
  • 4737.09 Maintaining fence.
  • 4737.10 Inspections.
  • 4737.11 Enforcement.
  • 4737.12 Determining un-zoned industrial areas adjacent to interstate and primary systems.

If you have questions please call the Wayne County Auditor's Office at: 330.287.5444