Orrville City
Orrville City Mowing
Mowing (1981-1999)Mowing (2000-2011)Mowing (2012-2019[6])Mowing (2019[7]-2020)Delinquent MowingMowing MISC
Mowing 1981Mowing 1999Mowing 2011-1Mowing 2019-42017 Delq Garfield2017 Fair Street
Mowing 1982Mowing 2000Mowing 2011-2Mowing 2019-52017 Delq Hostetler Rd2017 Crown Hill
Mowing 1986Mowing 2001Mowing 2012Mowing 2019-62017 N Crown Hill 12017 Garfield
Mowing 1987-1Mowing 2002Mowing 2013Mowing 2019-72017 N Crown Hill 22017 S Vine
Mowing 1987-2Mowing 2003Mowing 2014Mowing 2019-82018 Dec
Mowing 1988-1Mowing 2004-1Mowing 2015-1Mowing 2019-92018 Ella
Mowing 1988-2Mowing 2004-2Mowing 2015-2Mowing 2019-102018 Oak St
Mowing 1988-3Mowing 2006Mowing 2016Mowing 2019-11
Mowing 1990Mowing 2007Mowing 2018Mowing 2019-12
Mowing 1994Mowing 2008Mowing 2019-1Mowing 2020-1
Mowing 1995Mowing 2009Mowing 2019-2Mowing 2020-2
Mowing 1997Mowing 2010Mowing 2019-3

Orrville City Utilities

Pending Special Assessments


The special assessments in this section are pending. These have not been applied to parcels in the County's real estate system.

These assessments have been certified to the Auditor's Office, however, due to timing, they have not been included on tax bills.

We cannot guarantee that all assessments on a property are listed on our website. If you are researching assessments on a parcel, please contact the local taxing authorities that may have issued assessments to ensure you have the correct information.


Rittman Special Assessments

Street ImprovementsStreet Improvements 2Delq WaterDelq Water 2SidewalkUtilities
1964 Street Improvements1999 Street Improvements2000 Delq Water2011 Delq Water2010 Sidewalk /revised2003 Rittman Trash Removal
1967 Street Improvements2003 Street Improvements2002 Delq Water2012 Delq Water2011 Delq Sidewalk2009 Rittman City Streetscape
1988 Street Improvements2004-1 Street Improvements2003 Delq Water2018 Delq Water2011 Sidewalk Improvements2017 Utilities-1
1989 Street Improvements2004-2 Street Improvements2004 Delq Water2020 Delq Water2012 Sidewalk Cancellation2017 Utilities-2
1994 Street Improvements2005 Street Improvements2005 Delq Water2015 Sidewalks2018 Utilities
1996 Street Improvements2015 Street Improvements2006 Delq Water2017 Sidewalks2019 Utilities-1
1997 Street Improvements2016 Street Improvements2007 Delq Water2020 Sidewalks2019 Utilities-2

MowingMowing 2Rittman OrdStreet PavingStreet Paving 2Street Paving 3
2002 Mowing2011 Mowing2012 Ord no 76931964 Nautilus St Paving1968 Ohio Ave. Paving1992 S Hickin Ave Paving
2003 Mowing2012 Mowing2013 Ord no 77481967 E Sunset Dr. Paving1974 Diane St Paving1992 W Sunset Drive
2004 Mowing2013 Mowing2013 Ord no 77491967 E Sunset Dr. Paving Amend1974 Douglas Dr. Paving1996 Ritter Dr. Paving
2005 Mowing2014 Mowing2014 Ord no 78251967 Industrial St Paving-11974 Grandview Ave Paving1998 W Sunset-Metzger Paving
2006 Mowing2015 Mowing2014 Ord no 78281967 Industrial St Paving-21974 Greenwood Crismore Paving2002 Rufener St Paving
2007 Mowing2016 Mowing2014 Ord no 78451967 Metzger Rittman Road-11974 Home St.2010 E Ohio/ S Main St Paving
2008 Mowing2017 Mowing2014 Ord no 78461967 Metzger Rittman Road-21975 N Main St Paving
2009 Mowing2018 Mowing1967 Mary St Paving Correction1980 N Main St Paving
2010 Mowing2020 Mowing1967 Mary St Paving1991 W Ohio Street Paving

Wayne County


Delq Sewer (1989-1999)Delq Sewer (2001-08)Delq Sewer (2011-2016)Delq Sewer (2017-2020)Unpaid Operational Fees Unpaid Operational Fees
1989 Delq Sewer2000 Delq Sewer2010 Delq Sewer2016-2 Delq Sewer2001 Unpaid Operational Fees2011 Unpaid Operational Fees
1990 Delq Sewer2001 Delq Sewer2011-1 Delq Sewer2017-1 Delq Sewer2002 Unpaid Operational Fees2012 Unpaid Operational Fees
1991 Delq Sewer2002 Delq Sewer2011-2 Delq Sewer2017-2 Delq Sewer2003 Unpaid Operational Fees2013 Unpaid Operational Fees
1992 Delq Sewer2003 Delq Sewer2012-1 Delq Sewer2018-1 Delq Sewer2004 Unpaid Operational Fees2014 Unpaid Operational Fees
1993 Delq Sewer2004 Delq Sewer2012-2 Delq Sewer2018-2 Delq Sewer2005 Unpaid Operational Fees2015 Unpaid Operational Fees
1995 Delq Sewer2005 Delq Sewer2012-3 Delq Sewer2018-3 Delq Sewer2006 Unpaid Operational Fees2016 Unpaid Permit Fees
1996 Delq Sewer2006 Delq Sewer2013 Delq Sewer2018-4 Delq Sewer2007 Unpaid Operational Fees2016 Unpaid Operational Fees
1997 Delq Sewer2007 Delq Sewer2015-1 Delq Sewer2018-5 Delq Sewer2008 Unpaid Operational Fees2017 Unpaid Operational Fees
1998 Delq Sewer2008 Delq Sewer2015-2 Delq Sewer2020 Delq Sewer2009 Unpaid Operational Fees2019 Unpaid Operational Fees
1999 Delq Sewer2009 Delq Sewer2016-1 Delq Sewer2010 Unpaid Operational Fees2020 Unpaid Operational Fees

Sewer CorrectionsSheriff False AlarmsNuisanceNuisance 2DrainageDrainage 2
1992-1 Sewer Correction2018-1 False Alarm1989 Wayne County2017 Health Department-21990 Fox Lake Ditch Amendment1998 Bidinger Farm 
1992-2 Sewer Correction2018-2 False Alarm1997 Health Department2018 Health Department1993 Robertson Ditch1999 Fox Lake Ditch Cancellation
1998 Sewer Amendment2018-3 False Alarm1997 Wayne County2019 Wayne Co-11995 Hunters Crossing Drainage1999 GK1 Subdivision Ditch
2009 Sewer Amendment2019 False Alarm2000 Wayne County2019 Wayne Co-21995 Johnny Appleseed Drainage2004 Chippewa Watershed Removal
2009 Sewer Revision2015 Wayne County2019 Wayne Co-31995 Green Meadows Drainage2008 Chippewa Watershed Cert.
2018 Sewer Correction2017 Health Department-11996 Green Meadows Drainage2009 Chippewa Watershed Cert.
Wooster City

Wooster City

SidewalkStreet ImprovementStreet Improvement 2MiscellaneousMiscellaneous 2
1970 E Wayne Sidewalks1970 E Wayne Ave Improvements2010 Beal Ave Improvement1971 Alley Grading, Draining, Paving2014 Badger Alt Lighting
1975 Oak Hill Sidewalks1972 Branstetter St Improvements2016 Friendsville Rd Improvement1976 W Henry St Sewer 2019 Vinton Woods Storm Water
1990 Wayne Ave Sidewalk1976 W Wayne Ave St Improvements2017 Akron Rd Amendment1981 E University St Storm Sewer
1991 Wayne Ave Sidewalk1993 Old Mansfield Rd Improvements2017 Akron Rd Improvement1990 Peach Lane Storm WaterMowing
2001 Burbank Rd Sidewalk1993 Portage Rd Improvements2018 Burbank Rd1994 Downtown Streetscape1970 Mowing
2007 E Highland Ave Sidewalk1994 Oldman Burbank St Improvement1999 E Liberty Repair Project1971 Mowing
2007 N Bever Quinby Sidewalks1998 Burbank Buena Vista Improvement2002 Nuisance2006 Mowing
2010 Normandy Sidewalk2000 Burbank Friendsville Rd Improvements2006 Ward 1 Streetscape
2016 Wooster City Sidewalk2002 Cleveland Smithville Western2012 Twp Badger
2017 Wooster City Sidewalk2003 Milltown Rd Improvements2012 Twp Badger Alt Lighting
2018 Wooster NW Hamilton2006 Winkler Dr. Improvements2012 Batdorf/ Scenic Hgts

Killbuck South Water SewerUnpaid UtilityUnpaid Utility 2Wooster City Water Sewer2006 Water Sewer
1983 Killbuck South2010 Unpaid Utility - 12017 Unpaid Utility - 21991 Water Sewer2008 1st half Water Sewer
1984 Killbuck South2010 Unpaid Utility - 22018 Unpaid Utility - 1 Amended1992 Water Sewer2009 1st half Water Sewer
1986 Killbuck South2011 Unpaid Utility - 12018 Unpaid Utility - 11993 Water Sewer2007 2nd half Water Sewer
1987 Killbuck South2011 Unpaid Utility - 22018 Unpaid Utility - 21995 Water Sewer2008 2nd half Water Sewer
1988 Killbuck South2012 Unpaid Utility - 12018 Unpaid Utility - 2 Amended1997 Water Sewer2009 2nd half Water Sewer
1989 Killbuck South2012 Unpaid Utility - 22019 Unpaid Utility - 1 Amended1999 Water Sewer2015 Water Sewer - 1
1990 Killbuck South2013 Unpaid Utilities2019 Unpaid Utility - 2 Amended2000 Water Sewer2015 Water Sewer - 2
1991 Killbuck South2014 Amended Unpaid Utility2019 Unpaid Utility2001 Water Sewer2016 Water Sewer Amend
1992 Killbuck South2014 Unpaid Utility - 12002 Water Sewer2019 Water Sewer Amend - 1
1993 Killbuck South2014 Unpaid Utility - 22004 Water Sewer2019 Water Sewer Amend - 2
1994 Killbuck South - 12016 Unpaid Utility - 12005 Water Sewer2021 Water Sewer - 1
1994 Killbuck South - 22016 Unpaid Utility - 22006 Water Sewer
1995 Killbuck South2017 Unpaid Utility - 12007 1st half Water Sewer