The Auditor's Office will be closed Thursday October 5th, from 9:45 to 11:30, for employee training.


Wayne County's Triennial Update is nearly complete

Follow the links below to:

  • Learn more about Triennial Updates
  • Find your Tentative Value
  • Learn how you can appeal your Tentative Value


  • The November levy information is now available!!  To find how upcoming levies might affect your taxes please click on this SEARCH link  and navigate to the Levies section on your parcel page.  

  • Visit the Editorials page to view news articles from The Wayne County Auditor.

Official Website for the Wayne County Auditor's Office

Welcome to the Wayne County Auditor Website!

Wayne County Administration Building

Property information may be accessed by using the search bar or SEARCH link on the upper right of the page.  You can utilize the INFO section on the upper right to view information on the various services offered by this office and access the numerous forms required.  In the TOOLS section, you will find Sales Reports, Delinquency Reports, Conveyance Calculator, and a Tax Estimator for your convenience. Finally, you can navigate to our GIS Parcel Viewer by clicking the MAP link on the upper right.

Contact Us
428 West Liberty Street
Wooster, Ohio 44691
Office Hours
Mon-Fri: 8:00AM - 4:30PM
(330) 287-5430
(330) 287-5436
[email protected]
Wayne County Facts
Founded in 1796
County Seat: Wooster

Population: 114,000
Parcel Count: 59,000
Area: 554.8 square miles

County Website:

Jarra Underwood, Wayne County Auditor

Jarra Underwood, The Wayne County Auditor

I am pleased to present you the Auditor's website.  It is my hope that this website supplies you with valuable information concerning the responsibilities of the County Auditor and the many services offered through the Auditor's Office: County Chief Fiscal Officer, Property Tax Levy, Tax Distribution, Property Assessor, Dog Licensing, Vendor Licensing, Weights and Measures, Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV), Homestead Exemption, etc.

Please check back frequently for updates and announcements.